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HATCHAcademy Learning Modules


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Get crystal clear about WHY you do what you do

10 year vision: who, what & where you want to be

Stoke deep personal passion, ambition & motivation

Learn to aim thoughts and emotions at success

Time Management

Be held accountable for consistent prioritization 

Clarify life roles and attendant goals/projects

Master tools for weekly and daily task planning

Evolve your own system for getting things done

Destroy procrastination and maintain momentum

Budget and manage money for sanity and taxes

Delineate wants vs. needs and then save to invest

Investment thinking: assets, liabilities, index funds

Break the trance of scarcity


Establish consistent exercise, diet, recreation & sleep

Use journaling for self-discovery & mental hygiene 

Recognize & disrupt internet/smartphone addiction 

Develop a morning schedule and evening schedule

Learn to love yourself and turn towards happiness


See through social anxiety and unveil yourself

Study the Stoics to cut through fear with wisdom

Clear emotional blocks, get unstuck, become resilient

Interrogate fear to discover what matters most

Reprogram the mind and body through meditation


Milk priceless lessons from painful experiences

Let go of adolescent survival strategies

Counter weaknesses to unleash your strengths

Leverage mini-habits to build a life of discipline

Cultivate gratitude and a spirit of service


Turbocharge your writing, the cornerstone of success

Learn how to read and understand any book


Master the vast, subtle power of listening


Develop brevity, pith, boldness, and eye contact 


Commit to your own work above all

Clarify, celebrate and leverage your strengths

Become relentless and cultivate faith in life

Embrace and learn sales, the universal skill 


Learn how to serve mentors who will serve you

Cultivate initiative, responsibility and hard work

Receive targeted assistance from guest coaches

Access HATCH and build your network from there


Map the landscape of your chosen/potential field 

Create an in-depth marketing plan for your brand

Master essential hardware and software

Experience the joy of a relentless work ethic


Learn to research and sift through information

Ask the right questions to drill down on projects

Implement design thinking and learn to prototype

Use creative problem solving to inspire and excel  

Critical Thinking


Express leadership in all situations: How can I serve?

Integrity and authenticity win out every time

Be indispensable and prepare for inevitable success

Know thyself and become a sophisticated adult

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