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HATCH Academy is the perfect place for these young people. It provides a comprehensive curriculum of educational resources, backed up with clear accountability requirements and weekly coaching for specific needs, challenges and opportunities. This program delivers a wholistic set of skills, insights, knowledge, and tools that gives someone a tremendous advantage in their life, putting the full life and professional experience of our coaches at the disposal of the student, delivering the kind of bird's eye perspective we all wish we would have had when we were young.

Pre-College Students


We understand -- we’re parents too.


As a child gets older, they become less interested in the things we would like to teach them. This is a natural shift in them growing up and wanting to figure things out on their own, but it can be disheartening. So many of our hard-won life lessons go unheeded, and we watch in frustration as they head out to reinvent the wheel.

Heading out to college is a serious trip indeed, and the sad fact is that college doesn’t teach young people a lot of the things they need to know to take care of themselves and succeed. Yes, they will get a basic foundation in liberal arts and the sciences, hopefully enough experience to choose an appropriate major. But many don’t learn the things an adult needs to be successful in the world -- how to connect one’s personal passion with a career, how to prioritize and stay organized, how money works, how to develop social and communication skills, how to cultivate physical and mental health, how to create a habit of lifelong learning…  


Of course, all of these crucial life skills also embody the recipe for success in college. This is no small matter, as the average in-state academic year costs $25,000, twice that for a private school. Four years and $100k - $200k. That’s a serious investment. 


We buy insurance for our homes, cars and health. We diversify our portfolios. A good investor knows how to hedge their bets, how to maximize their potential for success and minimize the chance of a loss. Hatch Academy is the best way to protect your educational investment, by:


1. Ensuring that a student is truly prepared before they head off to college, and by

2. Expanding their capacity for excellence and success.


Our coaches work with young people in high school or during a gap year between high school and college. Together they build a platform on which students can stand and deliver tremendous learning and results, not just academically but personally and professionally. Using cutting-edge organizational and learning techniques, we provide structure, creative planning, accountability, resources, and a bigger perspective to help students mature and prepare for school. We encourage, we play devil’s advocate, we unleash students’ ambitions, and we facilitate a clear sense of purpose and academic direction.


People often internalize seemingly random messages when they’re young, for example, “I just need to get the degree that will get me a job,” “I want to be an engineer/social worker/doctor/artist,” “School is boring,” “I want to start a company right out of college.” We can help temper these perspectives and open up other possibilities, improving the chances that a student’s choice of major and career path will be the right one, one that emerges from open eyes and earnest engagement, not just the ideas they fixated on in high school.


For young people, passion can be a moving target. They try things on, experiment, make mistakes, and have amazing breakthroughs. This is as it should be, and a Hatch Academy can be a rock of practical stability and progress in the midst of all this flux, clarifying basic values and commitments as they change with new information and experiences. This structure provides a supportive resource that students can return to for clarity and consistent work towards goals, even as those goals change.


All of this prepares students for an incredibly rich and rewarding collegiate experience, high grades, a valuable network, a confident sense of purpose, and a much higher chance for success down the road.

With the things they learn in Hatch Academy, a young person can build a tremendous foundation for lifelong happiness and prosperity. We have taken decades of training and experience and put together a program that is straightforward in its structure, yet powerful in its cultivation of personal, academic and professional mastery.



For the person who is ready to seize personal maturity and professional success. 

The Life Mastery program provides a shot of rocket fuel. By clarifying purpose, strengthening weaknesses to lessen their limiting effect, and stoking the kind of ambition that takes you to the stars, this program is a life-long investment in your success.

Alternative-to-College Students


There's a kind of young person for whom college isn't the best option.

Maybe they know what they want to do and they're impatient to get to it. Or maybe sitting in a classroom is not the way they learn. Or they find the social environment of parties and hook-ups too toxic. Or they're artists and the things they need to learn aren't found in schools. 

And yet, turning them loose out into our complicated world without structure, without a framework for learning the things they're going to need to know to flourish, seems a bit extreme and, possibly, self-defeating. 

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