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First, we are living in an era of rapid, disruptive change that has dramatic implications for our young people.  

Tectonic shifts are occurring in geopolitics, social structures, education, finance, technology, and employment models. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics and genetic editing are about to usher in a new world of work, especially as the social contract of extended employment disappears, leaving too many people chasing too few jobs.

What’s needed is a guided journey to mastery, one that emphasizes independence, a flexible mindset and a mentality of lifelong learning to survive and thrive in a constantly changing environment.

Second, there are situations when formal education isn't the best approach.

Some young people know what they want to do and they want to start doing it now. Some don't tend to succeed in formal learning environments, despite being bright and driven. Some want to learn and pursue areas not taught in college. Some are put off by the toxic social environment of drugs and alcohol in universities.

And some feel compelled to explore personal and professional growth before returning to college with the kind of clear sense of purpose and direction that makes a university education rich and invaluable.

Of course, a university education is still essential preparation for becoming a teacher, doctor, lawyer or engineer. At the same time, a college degree isn't what it was twenty or thirty years ago:  it costs a lot more and means a lot less on the job market. It's an important investment, in terms of both money and precious time, one that shouldn't be entered into lightly.

Hatch Academy connects the dots between where a young person is now and where they want to be. From building necessary personal maturity, to teaching essential skills, to cultivating the right attitudes, to understanding how the world works, to actually entering into an apprenticeship with a seasoned professional -- we walk students out of adolescence and into adulthood, empowering them to make the vital choices that lead to success and fulfillment.


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