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Halfway through my first year in college, I was really unhappy and realized I didn’t want to return the next year. The decision was risky because I knew I needed some kind of structure. Fortunately I was lucky enough to find Hatch Academy. 


This program has worked on all aspects of my life, from social to professional, taking organizational skills, strengths and habits into the equation and incorporating them into a plan.

I was learning how to manage my time in a way that a CEO might, creating strategic action plans and budgets. The benefit of the HATCH Academy program was that it specifically catered to the needs and goals of the individual rather than a collective group of students. 


Paul encouraged me to find ways to be of service everyday to the people around me and to open my mind to new ideas and perspectives I didn’t have before. And while my education has not been traditional, I have learned how to express my thoughts clearly, both verbally and in written form, so that I can advocate for myself in any situation. He also provided me with a daily routine, which I practice each morning and evening, preparing my mind for anything I need to undertake. 

I recently attended HATCH experience this year as a volunteer, and was taken aback by the generosity and mentorship of so many incredible individuals. Philip Sheppard, who is a highly accomplished film composer and world-class cellist, welcomed me into his world and mentored me throughout the week. Even more importantly, he continuously challenged me to pursue and plan long-term goals. Philip treated me with respect and after a month long internship (incredibly!) offered me a job. This network has undoubtedly changed my life forever. 


HATCH Academy gave me strategies to better organize myself and manage my time, but perhaps most importantly, it allowed me to slowly re-build my self-confidence, by showing me how to accept and love who I am. These organizational strategies, and real life application exercises have immensely helped me find footing in the adult and professional world. HATCH has been instrumental in providing me with the right connections, and because of HATCH I now feel like I can achieve the career and life I’ve always wanted.

Kaito Irizarry, Los Angeles

Dropping out of college and finding your own way into professional life is not an easy thing to do. Paul taught me all the basics (and more than that) and guided me over several years. If it weren't for Paul I probably wouldn't be making a living in my chosen profession today. He really shaped my approach and gave me a huge set of fundamentals to build on. He was a great supporter and I'll be forever thankful for what he gave me.

Juraj Fortwaengler, Berlin

At the risk of sounding like hyperbole, HATCH Academy changed our world!  Our son Kaito is a violinist & set his heart on a career in the music industry long before it became time to go to college. Two years ago we enrolled him  in one of the most highly regarded colleges for his chosen field of music.  After less than a year he was frustrated with the structure, bored with the curriculum (which he felt wasn’t applicable to his goals) and yearning for something more challenging. 

HATCH Academy’s unique program has addressed all of these issues with its well thought out, structured approach to developing the whole person.  The curriculum, focused on life mastery, fills many of the gaps left by both High School and College programs, notably finding purpose, critical thinking, time & financial management and self care / growth among many others.  After just two semesters this has empowered Kaito to easily handle challenging life situations that would have previously been unapproachable for him.


Along with skills development, the program brings the incredible HATCH Network to bear on each student’s chosen path.  In Kaito’s case, this resulted in him earning (through mastery of the curriculum and hard work applying the principles) an apprenticeship with world renowned, London based cellist Philip Sheppard during his third semester.  The skills he’s gained have empowered him to take on this additional workload in a previously unexplored realm with ease, the confidence he’s gained have enabled him to interact smoothly with both Philip and his management team.


HATCH Academy’s efficient, effective structure and path has accelerated Kaito’s progress at his pace, capitalizing on his strengths while concentrating on the areas where he needs to grow.  Having watched his rapid progress over the last nine months I’m still amazed!

Rob Irizarry, Bozeman


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