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Oman Frame, Coach
Yarrow Kraner, Founder & CEO

Oman has 20 years of experience in teaching and diversity leadership at the Paideia School. He is the Co-Developer of iChange Collaborative, a gifted motivator, and an educator who combines real world topics with academic rigor in a way that makes learning personally meaningful for his students. Oman has conducted workshops around the country. He creates curriculum that helps students understand the effects of oppression on underserved communities and inspires commitment to social justice.

Yarrow is an accomplished photographer, a director at Virgin Produced, an Aspen Institute Fellow, and was named 2015 top 100 creatives by Origins Magazine. Yarrow has been building global networks since 1999 when he started one of the first social media properties (Superdudes) which had 1.5 million subscribers when Fox acquired it in 2003. In 2004 Yarrow founded Hatch with the express purpose of connecting young people to experienced mentors in their professional fields.

Marilu Salvador, Coach

Marilu is a passionate education specialist that has worked for more than 20 years to improve education in Latin America. She has been a professor, director, trainer and mentor; but the role that she has always enjoyed the most is of teacher. Marilu was the national director of basic education at the Ministry of Education in Panama. Now, she is in charge of groundbreaking educational reform and innovative programs in the areas of reading comprehension, mathematical problem-solving and scientific inquiry.

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